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Cokaliong Shipping Lines

As we enter the 21st century, a new global economy draws routes ever closer. Competition leads to improvement just when your competitors think it is safe to do business. It’s certainly important for COKALIONG SHIPPING LINES, INC. to improve its services and integrate the latest technology in the industry to sustain a competitive advantage over the others. But nothing takes precedence over satisfying its customers.

We began to realize better ways to use resources. We face challenges and opportunities that are worthy of our collective talents and intellectual resources. It’s important to remember- that what builds companies is the ability to deliver new ideas again and again. We have to think positively and adopt a “can do” attitude, We have to look at adversities as opportunities.

Thanks to a well-considered strategy of expansion and diversification, COKALIONG SHIPPING LINES, INC. is the only medium-sized shipping company that is into containerization The project intends to keep abreast with the developments in the world of transportation. Better service is achieved by extending our existing facilities or fleet. With great enthusiasm and far-reaching ambition we want to offer the most reliable and efficient services to our Customers.

Vision and Mission

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Corporate Vision
Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. aims to be country’s ideal shipping operator in the domestic shipping industry.

Corporate Mission
We are committed to give excellent and quality services for our passengers and shippers with their complete satisfaction in mind.

We endeavor to provide our shipping services in as many ports as our resources could possibly afford.

We also ensure that all our vessels and equipment shall surpass the minimum standards requirements and our actions shall comply with all pertinent rules and regulations in the domestic shipping industry.


our fleet

Since its first voyage on December 08, 1989, Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. (CSLI) has acquired twelve (12) vessels to serve routes in fulfillment of its mission of providing the Philippines with an efficient and reliable sea transportation, as a domestic shipping operator. Now it is presently operating a fleet of eight (8) Roro vessels, as CSLI operates on of the best maintained fleets in the country and has the youngest Roro ship in the country today, Name M/V “Filipinas Ozamis”.


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