The shoreline of Nasipit assumes a claw-like form and its town already existed as pueblo between 1880 and 1890. Oral tradition puts it that the naming of this place can be traced down to an incident when a native at the shore asked the native about the name of the place, the native readily answered without really comprehending the question, Na-si-pit (meaning bitten by a crab). Thus, the succeeding immigrants came to call the place Nasipit. 

Nasipit lies 8 degrees 59 minute' to 125 degrees 15 minutes east longitude of the Northwestern part of Agusan Del Norte. Its boundaries are Butuan Bay in the North; Carmen in the West; and Buenavista in the east. It is 25.4 kms from Butuan City south. 

The town celebrates its town fiesta on September 29 in honor of St. Michael Archangel as its patron saint. Rose is the official flower of the town. Jackfruit as its fruit; yemane as its tree; Oriole as its bird and tangerine as its color.

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